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IGPC Ethanol Inc. is wholly owned by Integrated Grain Processors Co-operative Inc. ("IGPC"), one of the largest agricultural co-operatives in Ontario. The co-operative was founded in 2002 by a group of farmers and agriculture business people looking to add value to Ontario's agricultural production.

IGPC Ethanol Inc. began producing fuel ethanol in October 2008. The plant is located in the town of Aylmer, right in the heart of Ontario's corn country. IGPC produces 150 million litres of ethanol annually and the distillers grains (DDGS), which are a byproduct of corn, are marketed and trucked out to area beef, dairy and pork operations.

The plant is staffed by a dedicated team of 42 full-time employees and incorporates an automated process control system. This system monitors some 8000 separate parameters throughout the entire process.

IGPC partners with Cargill, the corn buyer for the plant, Eco Energy, the ethanol marketer and Furst McNess, the distillers grains marketer.

For more information about IGPC, please visit their website at

Transferring IGPC Shares

Caldwell Securities Ltd. ("Caldwell") is the record keeper and share transfer agent for IGPC.

IGPC shareholders may transfer their shares either by using the IGPC share transfer platform provided by Caldwell or through private transactions. In either case, all transactions need to be approved by IGPC's Board.

For more information on the IGPC share transfer platform offered by Caldwell, click on the following links:

Bids, offers and transfer prices
Share platform FAQs

If you have questions on any of the steps required to buy or sell IGPC shares, please feel free to contact Sally Haldenby-Haba at Caldwell by phone (416) 862-7755 ext. 258 or by email at