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Member Shares


IGPC shareholders with 5000 or more IGPC shares are entitled to buy 5 IGPC member shares from IGPC for a total cost of $500. Ownership of 5 IGPC member shares entitles the owner to vote at IGPC's shareholders' meetings.

Former IGPC shareholders or IGPC shareholders who no longer have 5000 IGPC shares, must submit their IGPC member shares for cancellation. (There are exceptions to this for certain former shareholders of IGPC class "B" shares.) Your initial $500 investment will be returned to you.

If the share transfer is being handled using the Caldwell IGPC share transfer platform, then Caldwell will facilitate the purchase or sale of the IGPC member shares on your behalf and debit or credit your Caldwell account by $500 accordingly. Caldwell does not charge you for this service.

For private transfers of IGPC shares, those newly eligible to purchase IGPC member shares should send a $500 cheque payable to IGPC to:

Caldwell Securities Ltd.
Attn: Sally Haldenby-Haba
Suite 1710 - 150 King Street West
Toronto, ON
M5H 1J9

Those required to cash in their IGPC member shares, should send the original certificate to Caldwell at the above address and your initial $500 investment will be returned to you.

For a complete description of the ownership, transfer, insider trading and disclosure rules for IGPC shares, please consult IGPC's website.