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Private Share Transfers


Private IGPC share transfers can be negotiated on any terms acceptable to the parties on either side of the transfer.

There are many reasons a person may wish or need to transfer IGPC shares. For example, upon the death of a shareholder, the registration of the IGPC shares to the executors or beneficiaries may be necessary. Also a shareholder may wish to give IGPC shares to someone for family, charitable or other reasons. Alternatively, any person may wish to transfer IGPC shares for cash for investment or commercial reasons. In all cases, the decision as to whether or not to participate in the transfer of IGPC shares is to be made without any advice or guidance from IGPC.

Both parties to the IGPC share transfer need to complete and sign their portion of the "Share Transfer Form" available on the website.

The Share Transfer Form is then sent by fax (416-862-9438) or email to Caldwell for submission for approval by IGPC. Once approval has been received, Caldwell will notify both parties.

If the certificate of the shares being transferred is not held in an account at Caldwell, then it must be submitted along with the Share Transfer Form to make the transfer effective.

When Caldwell receives the Share Transfer Form and the original share certificate for cancellation, a new certificate will be issued to the transferee (buyer) based on the information supplied on the Share Transfer Form.

In the event that the transferor (seller) is only transferring a portion of his/her/its IGPC shares, then an additional certificate for the remaining shares will be issued to the transferor.

For private share transfers, neither IGPC nor Caldwell has any involvement with the exchange of cash or other compensation paid in consideration for the IGPC shares.

Both parties should consult the IGPC Member Shares section in this document.

All private transactions are subject to IGPC approval.

For a complete description of the ownership, transfer, insider trading and disclosure rules for IGPC shares, please consult IGPC's website.